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State Science Day
State Science
Day Alumni

JOIN the State Science Day Alumni Association.

There are no fees to join. However, you MUST be graduated from High School before you can join.
Sign up here:

Alumni Benefits:

  • Be recognized for career accomplishments. (Annual and lifetime achievement awards.)
  • Be portrayed as a career role model to inspire and mentor students.
  • Be invited for their professional knowledge to provide benefits to The Ohio Academy of Science such as judging at State, district, and local science days, reviewing manuscripts and annual meeting abstracts for The Ohio Journal of Science, evaluating scholarship applications and STEM education program awards

Ways to Support STEM education:

  • Be given the opportunity to support the Annual Fund or specific activities like State Science Day, and the alumni group.
  • Be an advocate for STEM education.
  • Provide testimonials as to the value of participating in local, District and State Science Days.
  • Provide The Ohio Academy of Science with contacts for corporations, foundations, governmental agencies, professional societies, and educational institutions

This we believe.

Tens of thousands of Ohio students over nearly 90 years have benefited from participation in youth science opportunities including local, District and State Science Days of The Ohio Academy of Science. Early life experiences—like these—get under your skin in a most powerful way. These students’ scientific and engineering knowledge and skills, as well as their academic accomplishments, were fostered by early access to professionals, public recognition of their work, and scholarships. Re‐connecting these students—now as alumni—in meaningful STEM‐related experiences such as judging and other interactions will bring them personal and professional satisfaction and assist The Ohio Academy of Science.

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