Are you an independent or home school student, or a student whose school is not participating in State Science Day but you would like to? 

You are invited to compete with other students to develop your own research project and possibly win awards and scholarships. Students can use all of the resources available to schools and teachers to develop their project, write their report, and submit their work directly to the District Science Day.

Students can develop 3 types of projects:

  • Scientific Projects are projects that 1) develop a hypothesis, 2) test the hypothesis, 3) collect data, and then 4) determine whether the data support the hypothesis or not.
  • Engineering Design Projects are projects which address a clear, focused engineering design problem or need; where criteria for success are identified; preliminary designs prepared; a prototype is created and tested with results clearly communicated.
  • Meta-Analysis Research Projects, or more precisely, “Statistical Meta-analyses”, are projects which collect, process, or produce statistical data from multiple publicly available scientific studies or data reports, combining and/or using the information to explore a relationship that had not previously been explored, or to evaluate the combined data in a broader scope.

    Meta-analysis projects require a well documented lab journal with background and research notes, source data and graphs; and a research report including relevant background, research question and hypothesis and how it relates to the background; discussion of experimental design and procedures used by source researchers; data analysis and interpretation, conclusion and bibliography.  Meta-analysis projects do NOT require the researcher to perform first-hand physical experiments.

Visit the District Science Day Page to learn more how you can qualify for District Science Days!

If you are an independent student interesting in participating in OAS programs, go to: https://projectboard.world/oas, and sign up for a free account. From there, you will be able to submit projects for all programs of the Ohio Academy of Science.

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