Science Days

Whether you are a teacher organizing a Local Science Fair for the first time, or you have run one for many years, this page has all of the resources available from The Ohio Academy of Science.

To help teachers plan their Local Science Day, the Academy put together a guide to use (click here to download).

State Science Day projects offer an opportunity to achieve multiple learning objectives, and curriculum skills addressed to assist teachers in the discussion. Science Days or Science Fairs are occasions for the display and evaluation of student- originated, inquiry-based or engineering and technological design projects. A successful Science Day Program will achieve several student-learner objectives:

  • Enhance Self-Concept
  • Develop Inquiry and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Develop Engineering and Technological Skills
  • Promote Development of Creativity
  • Improve Organizational Ability
  • Utilize Mathematical and Statistical Concepts, and Procedures
  • Develop Verbal Communication Skills
  • Enhance Presentation Skills
  • Extend Written Communication Skills
  • Promote Independent Learning
  • Develop Research Skills
  • Develop Critical Thinking Skills
  • Deepen in-depth Knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics

Above is an excerpt from the Teacher Guide to State Science Day

Photos from the 2023 Lawrence County Science Day


The Academy offers information and forms for teachers that are needed for students competing in State Science Day.

Intel ISEF Rules Wizard

Judging Rubrics

Click here to download the District Science Day Contact Sheet


Teachers who host a Science Day can download and use the certificates below to reward their students.